Range. - United States west of the Rockies.

This species is marked similarly to the preceding, but the top of the head is brownish instead of gray, and the underparts of the wings and tail, and their quills are reddish. Neither sex has the red crescent on the back of the head. except in the case of hybrids between the two species, but the male has red moustache marks. There are no differences in the nidiflcation between this species and the preceding, but the eggs of this average a trifle larger (1.15 x.90).

Red shafted Flicker

Red-shafted Flicker.

413a. Northwestern Flicker. Colaptes Cafer Saturatior

Range. - Pacific coast, breeding from Oregon to Alaska.

This is a much darker variety of the Red-shafted Flicker, but its nesting habits or eggs do not differ in any way.



413a Northwestern Flicker Colaptes Cafer Saturatio 801