Range. - United States west of the Mississippi, breeding from Kansas and northern California northward to Montana and British Columbia.

This handsome species is the smallest of the family, being under 8 inches in length. Its plumage is mottled black, white and frosty gray, harmoniously blended together. They can easily be distinguished from all other Goatsuckers by their size and silvery appearance. They nest on the ground, either placing their two eggs upon a bed of leaves or upon a flat rock.

The breeding season is from the latter part of May through July. The eggs are pure white and glossy; size 1.00 x .75.



Poor will

Poor-will. Merrill's Paraque

418a. Frosted Poor-Will. Phalcenoptilus Nuttalli Nitidus

Range. - Texas and Arizona, north to western Kansas.

This variety is like the last but paler, both above and below. Eggs indistinguishable from those of others of the genus.

418b. Dusky Poor-Will. Phalcenoptilus Nuttalli Californicus

Range. - A darker race found on the coast of California, having the same nesting habits as the others.

The egg figured is of this species. Data. - Los Angeles, Cal., June 24, 1900. 2 eggs on the ground at the foot of an oak tree on the side of a hill. Collector, F. M. Palmer.

418b Dusky Poor Will Phalcenoptilus Nuttalli Calif 813GOATSUCKERS AND SWIFTS