Range. - Mexico and Central America, breeding north to southern Texas. This handsome bird is the largest of the Flycatcher family found in the

United States, being 11 inches in length. It has a black crown enclosing a yellow crown patch; a broad black stripe from the bill, through the eye and around the back of the head, is separated from the crown by a white forehead and line over the eye; the throat is white shading into yellow on the underparts. They are abundant in the interior of Mexico, but can hardly be classed as common over our border, where they nest in limited numbers. Their nests are unlike those of any of our other Flycatchers being large masses of moss, weeds and grass, arched over on top and with the entrance on the side. The three or four eggs are creamy white, sprinkled chiefly about the large end with small reddish brown or umber spots; size 1.15 x .85.

Derby Flycatcher

Derby Flycatcher.

Creamy white

Creamy white.

449 Derby Flycatcher Pitangus Sulphuratus Derbianu 876449 Derby Flycatcher Pitangus Sulphuratus Derbianu 877