Range. - Western United States from the Plains to the Pacific, and from Manitoba southward, wintering south of the United States.

The nesting habits of this bird are the same as those of the eastern Pewee, but their nests are more strongly built and generally deeper, and without the outside ornamentation of lichens. They are saddled upon horizontal branches, like those of the preceding, as a rule, but are also said to have been found in upright crotches like those of the Least Fly-catcher. Their three or four eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the eastern Wood Pewee.

462a. Large-Billed Wood Pewee. Myiochanes Richardsoni Peninsulae

Range. - This species which differs from the last only slightly, as is indicated by the name, inhabits the peninsula of Lower California; its nesting habits and eggs will not differ from those of the other Pewees.