Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf to southern New England, and in the Mississippi Valley to Manitoba.

This species is very pale below and greenish yellow on the back. They are among the latest of the migrants to reach our borders and arrive in the Middle States about the latter part of May, when they are quite common. They build semi-pensile nests in the forks of bushes or overhanging branches at heights of from four to twenty feet, the nests being made of rootlets, fibres, fine grasses, etc., and partially suspended from the branch; they are quite shallow and loosely constructed and often appear more like a bunch of debris deposited in the fork by the wind than like the creation of a bird. Their three or four eggs are buffy, spotted or specked with brown; size .75 x .55.



Yellow bellied Flycatcher

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Acadian Flycatcher