Range. - Mexico and the border of the United States; north to eastern Kansas.

This small Raven is of about the size of the Crow, and has the bases of the neck feathers white. They are very abundant in some localities, especially in southern Arizona. Their food consists chiefly of animal matter, the same as the large Ravens, and they are not nearly as shy, frequently feeding in camps upon refuse which is thrown out to them. They build at low elevations in any tree, but preferably in mesquites, making their nests of sticks and lining them with hair, leaves, bark, wool or anything soft. During June they lay from four to six pale bluish green eggs, generally sparingly spotted or scratched with dark brown and drab. Size 1.75 x 1.20.

Pale bluish green

Pale bluish green.

487 White Necked Raven Corvus Cryptoleucus 970American Crow American Raven

American Crow. American Raven.