Range. - Breeds from the interior of British Columbia northward to Alaska; south in winter to Lower California.

The Short-billed or American Mew Gull is seventeen inches in length, has a short, stout bill and is otherwise similar to the preceding species. Nests on islands in the lakes and along the river banks of Alaska. The nest is made of grass, weeds and moss and is placed on the ground.

Pale greenish brown

Pale greenish-brown.

Short billed Gull Heerman's Gull

Short-billed Gull. Heerman's Gull.

Early in June the birds lay their set of three eggs, the ground color of which is greenish brown marked with dark brown. Size 2.25 x 1.60. Data,-Mackenzie River, N. W. T., June 18, 1900. Three eggs. Nest made of seaweed and grass and placed on the ground on an island in the river.