Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding from the Gulf to southern Manitoba and Quebec; winters in the Gulf States.

These are abundant birds along roadsides, in thickets, or on dry sidehills, where they nest indifferently on the ground or in bushes, making their nests of grass and weed stems. They are the birds, whose high piping song is most frequently heard on hot sultry days in summer. Their eggs.are laid in May or June; they are pale bluish white, speckled and blotched with yellowish brown and grayish purple. Size .65 x .50.

563a. Western Field Sparrow. Spizella Pusilla Arenacea

Range. - Great Plains from Mexico to Montana, breeding in the northern half of its range and wintering in the southern.

A paler form of the last, whose general habits and eggs are the same as those of the eastern bird.

Field Sparrow

Field Sparrow.