Range. - Eastern Mexico, breeding north to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

This peculiar, diminutive Finch is but 4.5 inches in length, and in plumage is black, white and gray. In restricted localities in southern Texas, they are not uncommon during the summer months. They build in bushes or young trees at low elevations making their nests of fine grasses or fibres, firmly woven together and usually placed in an upright crotch. The eggs are pale greenish blue, plentifully speckled with reddish and umber brown, and some markings of lilac. Size .65 x .45. Data. - Brownsville, Texas, May 7, 1892. Nest of fine fibre-like material lined with horse hairs, on limb of small tree in open woods near a lake of fresh water; 6 feet above ground. Collector, Frank B. Armstrong. This set is in the collection of Mr. C. W. Crandall.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

Sharpe's Seed eater

Sharpe's Seed-eater.