These beautiful scarlet and black birds frequent, chiefly, woodlands, although they are very often found breeding in orchards and small pine groves. They are quiet birds, in actions, but their loud warbling song is heard at a great distance, and is readily recognized by its peculiarity. They nest upon horizontal limbs or forks at elevations of four to twenty feet, making frail nests of twigs, rootlets and weeds; they are often found in pine trees, but apparently just as frequently in other kinds. Their eggs are greenish blue, specked and spotted with various shades of brown. Size .95 x .65. Data. - Holden, Mass., May 31, 1898. Nest on low limb of an oak, 4 feet above ground; of weeds and rootlets and very frail.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

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Scarlet Tanager.


Scarlet Tanager.