Range. - Whole of temperate North America, breeding from middle United States northward; winters in the Gulf States and along the Mexican border and southward.

This vivacious and active species is as well known as the last, and nests about habitations on the outskirts of cities and in the country.

614 Tree Swallow White Bellied Swallow Iridoprocne 1230614 Tree Swallow White Bellied Swallow Iridoprocne 1231Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow.

They naturally nest in holes in trees or stumps, preferable in the vicinity of water, but large numbers now take up their abode in houses provided for them by man, providing that English Sparrows are kept away. They make their nests of straws and grasses, lined with feathers, and lay four to six plain white eggs; size .75 x .50. Data. - Portage, Mich.,

May 26, 1897. Nest in a gate post; hole about 6 inches deep, lined with feathers.