Range. - Arctic Regions, Breeding From Alaska and Greenland and northward, and wintering south to New England.

A handsome bird, having the slaty hood bordered behind with a black ring, the primaries black, white tipped, and the tail slightly forked. They breed abundantly on the marshes of northern Alaska and Greenland, nesting the same as others of the species. The two or there eggs are laid in June. They are greenish brown in color and are marked with dark brown. Size 1.75 x 1.25. Data. - Hudson Bay, August 1, 1894. Eggs laid on the ground in the moss; no nest except the hollow in the moss.

Ross Gull. Sabine Gull

Ross Gull. Sabine Gull.

Greenish brown

Greenish brown.

62 Sabine s Gull Xema Sabinii 11962 Sabine s Gull Xema Sabinii 120