Range. - Eastern United States, breeding north to southern New England and in the Mississippi Valley to Minnesota; winters south of our borders.

This common species has the crown and underparts yellow, line through the eye black, and white wing bars and spots on outer tail feathers. They breed most abundantly in the northern half of their United States range, placing their nests on the ground in thickets or on the edge of woods; the nests are made of strips of bark, usually grapevine, and leaves, and are usually high and deeply cupped, they are almost always placed among the upright shoots of young bushes. The eggs are white, finely specked with reddish brown with great variations as to markings. Size .65 x .50. Data. - Old Saybrook, Conn., June 1, 1900. 5 eggs. Nest composed chiefly of dry beech leaves and strips of cedar bark, lined with shreds of bark and fine grass; situated on the ground among a bunch of weeds in the woods.



641 Blue winged Warbler Vermivora Pinus 1289