Ragne. - Breeds in the whole or North America; winters south of our borders.

This well known and very common species is wholly yellow, being more or less greenish on the back, wings and tail, and the male is streaked on the sides with chestnut. They nest anywhere in trees or bushes, either in woods, pastures, parks or dooryards, and their sprightly song is much in evidence throughout the summer. The nests are usually placed in upright crotches or forks, and are made of vegetable fibres and fine grasses compactly woven together and lined with plant down and hair; the eggs, which are laid in May or June, are greenish white, boldly specked in endless patterns with shades of brown and lilac; size .65 x .50.

Greenish white:

Greenish white:.

Cape May Warblers

Cape May Warblers. Yellow Warblers.

652a. Sonora Yellow Warbler. Dendroica Aestiva Sonorana

Range. - Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas, southward.

This form is brighter yellow, especially above, than the last. The nesting habits are the same and the eggs indistinguishable from those of the preceding.

652b. Alaska Yellow Warbler. Dendroica Aestiva Rubiginosa

Range. - Breeds in Alaska and on the coast south to Vancouver; winters south of the United States.

Similar to the common Yellow Warbler but slightly darker above; its eggs and nesting habits are the same.

652b Alaska Yellow Warbler Dendroica Aestiva Rubig 1311652b Alaska Yellow Warbler Dendroica Aestiva Rubig 1312NEST OF YELLOW WARBLER