Range. - Mountain ranges of western United States from British Columbia to Mexico. This bird resembles the last in the location of the yellow patches but has a yellow instead of a white throat, and is otherwise differently marked. They are as abundant in suitable localities as are the Myrtle Warblers in the east, nesting on the outer branches of coniferous trees at any height from the ground. The nests are made of bark strips, rootlets, plant fibre, grasses and pine needles, the three to five eggs are greenish or bluish white marked with brown and lilac; size .68 x .52. The one figured is from a beautiful set of four in Mr. C. W. Crandall's collection, and the ground color is a delicate shade of blue. Data. - Spanaway, Washington, April 23, 1902. Nest on the limb of a large fir in a clump of three in prairie country.



Myrtle Warblers Audubon's Warblers

Myrtle Warblers. Audubon's Warblers.

Bluish white

Bluish white.

656a. Black-Fronted Warbler. Dendroica Auduboni Nigrifrons

Range. - Mountains of southern Arizona and Mexico.

Similar to the preceding, but with the forehead and ear coverts black. Their nests and eggs are in no way different from those of Audubon's Warbler.

656a Black Fronted Warbler Dendroica Auduboni Nigr 1322656a Black Fronted Warbler Dendroica Auduboni Nigr 1323