Range. - Pacific Coast of South and Central America; north to California in summer.

A similar bird to the Royal Tern, but easily distinguished by its smaller size, slender bill, and more graceful form. In the breeding plumage the under parts of these Terns are tinged with rosy, which probably first gave the birds their name. They breed on the coasts and islands of Mexico and Central America, placing their eggs on the sand. They are believed to lay but a single egg, like that of the Royal Tern, but smaller. Size 2.40 x 1.40. Data. -Honduras, Central America, June 5, 1899. Single egg laid on the sandy beach.

Cream color

Cream color.

66 Elegant Tern Sterna Elegans 127Elegant Tern. Cabot's Tern

Elegant Tern. Cabot's Tern.