Range. - Southwestern United States, abundant in Arizona and New Mexico.

This Warbler is similar in markings and colors to the Yellow-throated variety except that the cheeks are gray instead of black. The nesting habits of the two species are the same, these birds building high in coniferous trees; the nests are made of rootlets and bark shreds, lined with hair or feathers; the eggs are white, dotted with reddish brown and lilac. Size .68 x .48.

Yellow throated Warblers Grace's Warblers

Yellow-throated Warblers. Grace's Warblers.



664 Grace s Warbler Dendroica Graeiae 1344664 Grace s Warbler Dendroica Graeiae 1345Black throated Warblers Golden cheeked Warblers

Black-throated Warblers Golden-cheeked Warblers.