Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from northern New England, Pennsylvania, (Philadelphia) and Nebraska northward.

Very similar to the last but with no eye ring and a black patch on the breast. The habits and nesting habits of this species are very similar to those of agilis, the nest being on or very close to the ground. With the exception of on mountain ranges it breeds chiefly north of our borders.

The eggs are white, specked with reddish brown.

Size .72 x .55. They cannot be distinguished from those of the last. Data. - Listowell, Ontario, June 5, 1898. Nest in a tuft of swamp grass in low ground; not very neatly made of dry leaves, grasses and hair. Collector, Wm. L. Kells. (Crandall collection.)

Mourning Warblers Macgillivray Warblers

Mourning Warblers. Macgillivray Warblers.