Range. - Eastern North America, breeding from northern United States northward; south to Central America in winter.

These handsome little black-capped flycatching Warblers are abundant during migrations, especially in the spring, being found on the edges of woods and in orchards. They nest on the ground, usually on the edges of swamps, embedding their nests in the ground under the shelter of low branches or on the edges of banks; the nest is of bark strips, fibres and leaves, and the eggs are white, specked with reddish brown; size .60 x .50.



Hooded Warblers Wilson's Warblers

Hooded Warblers. Wilson's Warblers.

685a. Pileolated Warbler. Wilsonia Pusillapileolata

Range. - Western United States, breeding in the Rocky Mountain region from Mexico to Alaska; winters south of the United States.

Similar to the eastern form but the yellow underparts and greenish back are brighter. Like the last species, this form nests on the ground or very close to it, in weeds or rank undergrowth, in swamps. Their eggs which are laid in May or June are not distinguishable from those of the last.

685a Pileolated Warbler Wilsonia Pusillapileolata 1395685a Pileolated Warbler Wilsonia Pusillapileolata 1396

685b. Golden Pileolated Warbler. Wilsonia Pusilla Chryseola

Range. - Pacific coast of North America, breeding from southern California in mountain ranges north to British Columbia.