Range. - Eastern North America, breeding both on the coast and in the interior from the Gulf States northward.

This bird differs from the preceding chiefly in having a bright red bill tipped with black, and the under parts washed with pearl. These are the most common Terns on the New England coast, nesting abundantly from Virginia to Newfoundland. These beautiful Terns, together with others of the family, were formerly killed by thousands for millinery purposes, but the practice is now being rapidly stopped. In May and June they lay their three, or sometimes four eggs on the ground as do the other Terns. They are similar to the preceding species but average shorter. Data. - Duck Is., Maine, June 30, 1896. Three eggs in marsh grass about fifty feet from beach. No nest. Collector, C. A. Reed.

70 Common Tern Sterna Hirundo 133


70 Common Tern Sterna Hirundo 134Forsters Tern. Common Tern

Forsters Tern. Common Tern.