Range. - Interior of North America, breeding from Wyoming north to Saskatchewan. Winters in the plains of Mexico.

These birds are common on the prairies and breed abundantly on the plains of the interior of northern United States and Manitoba. They have a flight song which is said to be fully equal to that of the famous European Skylark. They nest on the ground under tufts of grass or up-turned sods, lining the hollow with fine grasses; their three or four eggs are grayish white, finely specked with grayish black or purplish. Size .85 x .60. Data. - Crescent Lake, Canada. Nest of fine dried grasses, built in the ground at the side of a sod.

Grayish white

Grayish white.

American Pipit Sprague's Pipit

American Pipit. Sprague's Pipit.