Range. - Southern half of California, west of the Sierra Nevadas This species is more brownish than the other curve-billed species and has a much longer and more curved bill. They are common in the under brush of hillsides and ravines, where they locate their nests at low elevations. Their nests are made of sticks and grass, lined with rootlets, and the three or four eggs are bluish green with spots of russet brown. Size 1.12 x .82. Data. - San Diego, Cal., Feb. 7, 1897. Nest of sticks and rootlets in a grease-wood bush 4 feet from the ground. Collector, Chas. W. Brown.

Bluish green

Bluish green.

710 California Thrasher Toxostoma Redivivum 1432710 California Thrasher Toxostoma Redivivum 1425