Range. - North America west of the Rockies, breeding from Mexico north to British Columbia. Resident throughout its range.

This species has an olive gray crown bordered by dusky, the back is ashy blue and the underparts soiled white or rusty. They are common in mountains of western United States, nesting in holes in trees the same as the other species of Nuthatches. They lay from five to nine eggs which are white, speckled thickly with reddish brown; size .60 x .50. Data. - Huachucha Mts., Arizona, May 25, 1901. Nest in cavity (10 inches deep) in dead pine stump about 15 feet from the ground; composed of a mass of vegetable down; altitude 9000 feet.



730 Pygmy Nuthatch Sitta Pygmaea Pygmaea 1474

730a. White-Naped Nuthatch. Sitta Pygmaea Leuconucha

Range. - Lower California.

Like the last but grayer above and white below. Its habits and eggs are the same as those of the Pygmy Nuthatch.