Range. - California and Oregon west of the Sierra Ne-vadas.

This common, slightly crested Titmouse is grayish brown above and grayish white below. They nest anywhere in cavities that meet with their approval, about old buildings, in fence posts, etc., as well as holes in trees. Their eggs range from five to eight in number and are white, usually spotted with pale brownish. Size .72 x .52. Data. - Tulare Co., California, April 3, 1895. Nest in an oak tree, 32 feet from the ground, in a natural cavity of a horizontal limb; composed of grasses, feathers and fur.



733 Plain Titmouse Baeolophus Inornatus Inornatus 1480


733a. Gray Titmouse. Baeolophus Inornatus Griseus

Range. - Southeastern United States, from Colorado and Nevada southward.

The nesting habits of this gray Titmouse are just the same as those of the other.

733b. Ashy Titmouse. Baeolophus Inornatus Cineraceus

Range. - Southern Lower California.

The habits of this variety are the same as those of the Plain Titmouse and doubtless the eggs are also.