Range. - Eastern North America, breeding from the Middle and Central States northward to Labrador; only migratory to a slight extent.

The Chickadee is too well known to need any description; suffice it to say that they are the favorites, with everybody, among all the North American birds. They breed in holes in trees in orchards or woods, and also in bird boxes. I have found by far the greater number in decayed birch stubs. They line the cavities with fine grasses and feathers, and during May or June lay from five to eight white eggs, dotted with reddish brown; size .55 x .45.



Chickadee Carolina Chickadee

Chickadee. Carolina Chickadee.

735 Chickadee Penthestes Atricapillus Atricapillus 1485

735a. Long-Tailed Chickadee. Penthestes Ataricapillus Septentrionalis

Range. - Rocky Mountain region, north to British Co lumbia.

This variety is very similar to the last but has a slightly longer tail and the colors are purer. Its nesting habits are the same and the eggs are indistinguishable from those of the eastern Chickadee.

735b. Oregon Chickadee. Penthestes Atricapillus Occidentalis

Range. - Pacific coast from California to Alaska.

The habits and eggs of this slightly darker variety are just the same as those of the common Chickadee of the east.

735b Oregon Chickadee Penthestes Atricapillus Occi 1486