Range. - Mexican border of the United States, north to Colorado and Nevada.

This Bush-Tit has a bright yellow head and throat, the upper parts being gray and the belly, white. They are abundant in chaparral brush, locally throughout their range. Their large globular nests are situated in bushes at low elevations from the ground, and are made of twigs and weeds, softly lined with fur and feathers. Their three to six eggs are pale greenish blue, specked and dotted with reddish brown. Size .58 x .44. Data. - Brownsville, Texas, May 8, 1894. Large nest of sticks and thorns, lined with hair and feathers, and located in a bush in brush thicket, 8 feet from the ground.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.



746a. Cape Verdin. Auriparus Flaviceps Lamprocephalus

Range. - Lower California.

This new sub-species is said to have shorter wings and tail, and also to be brighter yellow on the head. Its habits and eggs will not differ from those of the common Verdin or Yellow-headed Bush-Tit.