Range. - Tropical America, north to the South Atlantic States. This species measures 17 inches in length; it has a brownish black mantle, wings and tail, except the outer feathers of the latter which are white; the forehead and under parts are white, the crown and a line from the eye to the bill, black.

This tropical species is very numerous at its breeding grounds on the small islands of the Florida Keys and the West Indies.

They lay but a single egg, generally placing it on the bare ground, or occasionally building a frail nest of grasses. The egg has a pinkish white or creamy ground and is beautifully sprinkled with spots of reddish brown and lilac. They are laid during May. Size 2.05 x 1.45. Data -

Clutheria Key, Bahamas, May 28, 1891.

Single egg laid on bare ground near water.

Collector, D. P. Ingraham.

Creamy white

Creamy white.

75 Sooty Tern Sterna Fuscata 141Least Tern. Sooty Tern

Least Tern. Sooty Tern.