Range. - North America east of the Rockies, breeding from the middle portions of the United States, north to the Arctic Ocean.

These common birds nest in trees about houses, in orchards, open woods, in corners of fences, on blinds on houses, and in fact almost every conceivable position. Their nests are made of grasses, firmly cemented together with mud and lined with finer grasses; when placed in trees they are generally firmly saddled in crotches and may be found at any height, from on the ground to sixty feet above it. Their eggs are greenish blue; size 1.15 x .80. Eggs may be found at any time from May until July or August as they raise several broods a season.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

American Robin

American Robin.

761 Robin Planesticus Migratorius Migratorius 1531

761b. Southern Robin. Planesticus migra-torius achrusterus.

Range. - The Carolinas and Georgia.

The eggs of this bird, which is said to be smaller and duller colored than the northern variety, show no differences in any respect.