Range. - Pacific coast from northern California to Alaska; south to Mexico in winter.

These handsome birds breed abundantly in Alaska and locally in mountain ranges south to northern California. They nest at low elevations in trees, making them of moss, twigs, weeds and grasses, forming a flat shallow structure. Their eggs are greenish blue sharply but sparingly spotted with dark brown; size 1.12 x .80. Data. - Delta of Kowak River, Alaska, June 11, 1899. Four eggs. Nest 12 feet from the ground, against the trunk of a slender spruce and supported by a clump of stiff twigs.

Greenish blue

Greenish blue.

763a. Northern Varied Thrush. Ixoreus Naevius Meruloides

Range. - Interior of western North America, breeding from British Columbia to Alaska. Its habits and eggs do not differ from those of the last.