Range. - The South Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, breeding from New Jersey southward. The Black Skimmer is about eighteen inches in length, and besides the remarkable bill is a bird of striking plumage; the forehead, ends of the secondaries, tail feathers and under parts are white; the rest of the plumage is black and the basal half of the bill is crimson. Skimmers nest in large communities, the same as do the Terns, laying their eggs in hollows in the sand. They are partially nocturnal in their habits and their hoarse barking cries may be heard after the shadows of night have enveloped the earth. Fishermen call them by the names of "Cut-water" and "Sea Dog." The nesting season commences in May and continues through June and July. They lay from three to five eggs, having a creamy or yellowish buff ground, blotched with black, chestnut and lilac. Size 1.75 x 1.30. Data. - Cobb's Is., Va., June 8, 1894. Three eggs laid in a hollow on the beach. No nest.

Buffy yellow

Buffy yellow.

80 Black Skimmer Rynchops Nigra 152Black Tern. Noddy Black Skimmer

Black Tern. Noddy Black Skimmer.