Range. - Middle Pacific coast of the Americas, north in late summer along the coast of California. This species breeds commonly on the islands off the coast of Lower California, especially on the Gulf side. Their single egg is white, size 2. x 1.30, and is located at the end of a burrow. Data. - Natividad Is., Lower California, April 10, 1897. Single egg laid on the sand at the end of a burrow six feet in length. Collector, A. W. Anthony.

93.1. Townsend's Shearwater. Puffinus Auricularis

This bird ranges from Cape St. Lucas, south along the Pacific coast of Mexico, breeding on the Revillagigedo Islands off the Mexican coast.

93 1 Townsend s Shearwater Puffinus Auricularis 170Pink footed Shearwater Black vented Shearwater. Townseno's Shearwater

Pink-footed Shearwater. Black-vented Shearwater. Townseno's Shearwater.