Another colonial breed, the Dingo or Wild Dog of Australia, many of us have heard of but few seen. As I happen to have a brother, a clergyman, in that country, whose parish is forty miles square, taking him the best part of each week to visit his parishioners on horseback or in buggy, also three nephews, sons of another brother, likewise a clergyman in England, all situated in different parts of the same colony, I have heard a great deal of the doings of the "Dingoes." They are very particular in their attentions to the poultry, lambs, and sometimes sheep, so that they do not bear a good name in that country! They are a good deal like jackals, but rather larger in size, and coats sleeker, and tails less feathered, less mane on shoulders, and perhaps somewhat finer in head, quite a sly, wolf-like expression, not often very safe to handle; colours usually shades of yellow, or sandy, but I have seen them shades of brown, and grey mixed, rather foxlike in bark; they are usually kept as curiosities of the canine race, frequently muzzled or "caged," but as they get more used to civilised life, they may develop more interesting qualities than they have yet been credited with.

Australian Dingo CH.  MYALL  Mrs. H.C . BROOKE OWNER .