Another breed which is not without its supporters, many of whom are amongst the ranks of the aristocracy, is the Chow, which, as the name implies, is a native of China, and much resembles a large, coarse Pomeranian, with a short thick head and rather blunt prick ears, the colours are almost invariably shades of red, black, or slate blue, though I have seen some variations on these. Chows often are as large as small collies, and possess very warm dense coats, somewhat in the Esquimaux style, and carry their tails much the same way, and are remarkable for having nearly inky black tongues. Like many of these foreign breeds, they are hardly yet naturalised in this country, but they are handsome, distinguished-looking dogs and not unlikely to become more popular, as they become more understood. At present they are in very few hands, and are more often met with at shows in the "any other variety" or "Foreign, any variety," classes, than in a class or classes to themselves, but at some of the larger shows, I have frequently had good entries of them, containing many beautiful specimens of the breed.

CHOW CHOW. CH.  CHOW Vll  Mrs. FABER owner.

CHOW CHOW. CH. "CHOW Vll "Mrs. FABER owner.

Show Points Of Chows

The points of Chows are as follows: Skull flat and wide, muzzle substantial under the eyes, of fair length and rather blunt at the nose, tongue and lips black, eyes dark and small, ears very small, pointed, carried erect and forward; neck powerful and slightly arched, shoulders muscular and nicely sloped, chest wide and deep, body short and powerful with strong loins; fore-legs strong and straight with small round feet, hindquarters rather square with hindquarters well let down, tail tightly curled over back, coat very profuse, flat and rather coarse in texture. Colours most usually black or red; yellow, blue and white, if strictly self colours, are correct. Weight, dogs forty to fifty pounds; bitches a little less.