Although their size and elegance of shape would make them eligible, I think, the Whippet, or "Running Dog," as he is sometimes called, is not often kept strictly as a pet or companion, but more often as a means of a little speculation on its fleetness of foot. No doubt most of my readers will be aware, it is a small sized Greyhound, rather long in head, wide between the eyes, flat at top, jaw powerful but clean, level teeth, bright eyes, small rose ears, long, arched neck, no throatiness, muscular, oblique shoulders, deep chest, strong loins, arched back, rather long and broad. Legs straight, short and muscular thighs, feet round and well split up, tail tapering and long, with good carriage. Coat fine and close, colours, white, brindle, fawn, blue, red, black, and mixtures of each. Of late years there has been greatly revived interest taken in these dogs, and considerable prizes have been offered for their competition. I have noticed also a marked increase in the entries at shows providing classes for them, and on several occasions, at the larger shows, I have had good classes containing many beautiful specimens of this breed, which is so largely kept by colliers and others of the working classes in the "Black Country".