I now come to another group of undoubted pets and companions, I mean the Toy Spaniels, and a charming lot they are. I will briefly notice them in their usually accepted order, taking our old friend, the King Charles, first. I am afraid I shall be thought "laudator temporis acti," and old-fashioned, but hardened "all-round dog lover "as I am, and have been, ever since I knew one end of a dog from another, I must say, I dearly love a good "King Charles," and, as I always go through the classes for them, at all the big shows, even when I have nothing, judicially, to do with them, I am grieved to see such small entries of these beautiful dogs, and so few good enough to "fill the eye" of a critical fancier. It is not so much of the size, or colours I complain, as the coats, which are so, very often, curly, a bad fault, in my opinion, and many of them are "smutty" and dark in their tan. Of course there are notable exceptions, but I greatly fear that other dog breeds, which have been warmly "pushed" of late years, in every possible way, and, generally, by interested parties, have disheartened the breeders of some of the Toy

Spaniels, or, we should see more good ones coming out! The points of the breed to be desired are large round skull, with well defined "stop," large, lustrous eyes, short, turned-up muzzle, long pendulous ears, well-feathered; fairly long neck, short and compact back, short straight fore-legs, feet large, soft, profuse coat, quite straight, without tendency to curl, colour glossy, unbroken black, and rich mahogany tan. Weight not to exceed twelve pounds, as much less as possible, with quality.