The Retrieves Proper - The Watt-Coated Retrieves - The Curly-Coated Black Retriever - Retrievers other than Black - Wildfowl Retrievers - The Deerhound.

IS there are several purposes for which dogs are required to retrieve, so there are special breeds which fulfil those various requirements in the best manner. Thus a dog may be wanted to retrieve partridges in a turnip field; or he may be required to road a running grouse on the moors; or again, a winged pheasant or a broken-legged hare in covert may test his nose and tender mouth. For these several purposes, what is now called the retriever is the fashion of the day, and the same animal may sometimes be called on to take water in order to fetch a wounded duck or widgeon, or even a wild goose or swan. Lastly, the red deer, when wounded by the rifle ball, and not killed, sometimes goes away at a great pace, and tries the speed, and even the stamina, of the deerhound or other dog which is slipped after him. Hence it is necessary under this article to describe (1st) the retriever proper, including (a) the wavy-coated black, (b) the curly-coated black, (c) the retriever other than black, (d) the wildfowl retriever; and (2nd) the deerhound.