1. Greyhound.

2. Deerhound.

3. Irish Wolfhound.

4. Rough Scotch Greyhound.

5. Lurcher.

6. Whippet or Snap Dog. 7. Siberian Wolfhound.

8. Persian Greyhound.

The whole of this group is included in Cuvier s first division, "characterised by head more or less elongated, parietal bones insensibly approaching each other, and the condyles of the lower jaw placed in a horizontal line with the upper molar teeth." The general form is light and elegant, chest deep, with flank more or less tucked up, long and strong back, and great length from hip bone to hock joint; the whole appearance giving the impression of great swiftness, which is a distinguishing property of the whole group, although not possessed in an equal degree by each variety. All more or less show the characteristics of the Canes celeres of the ancients, and although not in every case running their game strictly by sight, that is also a leading characteristic of all.