Some considerable tact and knowledge of the animal are re-quired, in order to give medicines to the dog to the best advantage. In the first place, his stomach is peculiarly irritable, and so much under the control of the will, that most dogs can vomit whenever they like. Hence it is not only necessary to give the medicine, but also to insure its being kept down. For this purpose, however, it is generally only necessary to keep up the dog's head, as he will not readily vomit without bringing his nose to the ground, and so it is the regular practice in large kennels, in giving a dose of physic, to put the couples on, and fasten them up to a hook, at such a hight that the dog cannot lower his head, maintaining this position for two or three hours. A single dog may be watched, if such is preferred, but a lot of hounds in physic must be treated with less ceremony.