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Between the kennels intended for the various kinds of dogs, and the methods of management therein, some considerable difference exists, though the same principles are adopted throughout Thus, packs of foxhounds are often kept to the number of 80 or even 100 couples, and these must be managed rather differently from the three or four brace of greyhounds or pointers, which usually constitute the extent of each of these kinds in one man's possession, or at all events in the building. Besides this, foxhounds are much more exposed to the weather than greyhounds, which are usually clothed out of doors, and otherwise protected by dog-carts, etc. The former therefore must be hardened to the duties they have to perform, while the latter may be brought out in more vigorous health, and with their speed very highly developed, but at the same time in so delicate a condition as to be liable to take cold if allowed to remain in the rain for any length of time. Hence it will be necessary to describe the kennels for greyhounds, hounds, pointers, etc., separately.