Bulldog. - English Mastiff. - Mount St. Bernard. - Thibet Dog. - Poodle. - Maltese Dog. - Lion Dog. - Shock Dog. - Tot Spaniels. - Tot Terriers. - The Pug Dog. - Italian Greyhound.

The peculiarity of this division is that the dogs composing it are solely useful as the companions or guards of their owners, not being capable of being employed with advantage for hunting, in consequence of their defective noses, and their sizes being either too large and unwieldy, or too small, for that purpose. For the same reason they are not serviceable as pastoral dogs or for draught, their legs and feet, as well as their powers of maintaining long-continued exertion, being comparatively deficient. These dogs nearly all show a great disposition to bark at intruders, and thereby give warning of their approach; but some, as the bulldog, are nearly silent, and their bite is far worse than their bark. Others, as, for instance, the little house dogs, generally with more or les3 of the terrier in them, are only to be used for the purpose of warning by their bark, as their bite would scarcely deter the most timid. The varieties are as follows: -