This beautiful little dog is a Skye terrier in miniature, with, however, a far more silky coat, a considerably shorter back, and a tail stiffly curved over the hip.




The weight should never exceed 5 or 6 lbs.; head closely resembling that of the Skye, but with more shining and silky hair; coat as long as that dog's, but more transparent and silky; actions lively and playful, and altogether rendering it a pleasing pet. The tail is curved over the back, very small and short, with a brush of silky hair; color white, with an occasional patch of fawn on the ear or paw. The breed was so scarce some time ago, as to induce Sir E. Land seer to paint one as the last of his race; since which several have been imported from Malta, and, though still scarce, they are now to be obtained. A strain bred by Mr. Mandeville has kept possession of the show bench since 1862, when the first class of this kind of toy dog was established at the Agricultural Hall Show, in which Mr. Mandeville's Mick and Fido were first and second. In the following year, at Ashburnham, the same kennel again produced the first and second prize holders, Fido being at the head of his class, and a dog called Prince second.

Since then Mr. Mandeville's strain has held undisputed possession of the prize list.