These dogs do not require a covered yard, and may be treated in all respects like hounds, the only difference being in regard to numbers. More than three or four brace should not be kept together if it can be avoided, as they are apt to quarrel when not thoroughly exercised or worked, and then a whole lot will fall upon one and tear him almost to pieces; The rules of cleanliness, feeding, etc., are the same as for hounds.

Single Dogs Kennelled Out Of Doors

Where a single dog is kept chained to what is called a kennel, care should be taken to pave the ground on which he lies, unless he can be moved every month, or still more frequently, as in course of time his urine stains the ground so much as to produce disease. It should always be borne in mind that the dog requires more exercise than he can take when chained, and he should therefore be set at liberty for an hour or two daily, or at all events every other day.

House Dogs

The great bane of dogs at liberty to run through the house is that they are constantly receiving bits from their kitchen, as well as from their parlor, friends. The dog's stomach is peculiarly unfitted for this increasing demand upon it, and, if the practice is adopted, it is sure to end in disease before many years are passed. The rule should be strictly enforced, to avoid feeding more than once or twice daily, at regular hours, and then the quantity and quality should be proportioned to the size of the dog and to the amount of exercise which he takes. About one-twentieth to one-twelfth of the weight of the dog is the proper amount of food, and all beyond this is improper in most cases, though of course there are some exceptions. Dogs are very cleanly animals, and often refuse to dirty a carpet or even a clean floor. They should therefore be turned out at proper times to relieve themselves. To neglect to do this is cruel, as well as injurious to the health. I have known dogs retain their excretions for days together, rather tnan expose themselves to the anger which they think they should incur, and I believe some high couraged animals would almost die before they would make a mess.

Long-haired dogs, when confined to the house, are apt to smell disagreeably if they have much flesh, and they should therefore be chiefly fed upon oatmeal porridge, with very little flavoring of broth or meat mixed with it

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