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The Cereals In America

By Thomas F. Hunt, M.S., D. Agr. If you raise five acres of any kind of grain you cannot afford to be without this book. It is in every way the best book on the subject that has ever been written. It treats of the cultivation and improvement of every grain crop raised in America in a thoroughly practical and accurate manner. The subject matter includes a comprehensive and succinct treatise of wheat, maize, oats, barley, rye, rice, sorghum (kafir corn), and buckwheat, as related particularly to American conditions. First-hand knowledge has been the policy of the author in his work, and every crop treated is presented in the light of individval study of the plant. If you have this book you have the latest and best that has been written upon the subject Illustrated. 450 pages. 51-2x8 inches. Cloth....$1.75

The Potato

By Samuel Frazer. A reliable guide on the cultivation of the potato, its development, manuring and fertilizing, planting, tillage, sprays and spraying, breeding hew varieties, harvesting, storing, marketing, etc., etc. Take.; all in all it is the most complete, reliable and authoritative work on the potato ever published in America. Illustrate. 200 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth....,,,,,. $0.75

Farm Grasses Of The United States Of America

By William Jasper Spillman. A practical treatise on the grass crop, seeding and management of meadows and pastures, description of the best varieties, the seed and its impurities, grasses for special conditions, lawns and lawn grasses, etc., etc. In preparing this volume the author's object has been to present, in connected form, the main facts concerning the grasses grown on American farms. Every phase of the subject is viewed from the farmer's standpoint. Illus-trated. 248 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . . . $1.00

The Book Of Corn

By Herbert Myrick, assisted by A. D. Shamel, E. A. Burnett, Albert W. Fulton, B. W. Snow, and other most capable specialists. A complete treatise on the culture, marketing and uses of maize in America and elsewhere, for farmers, dealers and others. Illustrated. 372 pages. 5 x7 inches. Cloth. .....$150

The Hop - Its Culture And Care, Marketing And Manufacture

By Herbert Myrick. A practical handbook on the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing and selling hops, and on the use and manufacture of hops. The result of years of research and observation, it is a volume destined to be an authority on this crop for many years to come. It takes up every detail from preparing the soil and laying out the yard, to curing and selling the crop. Every line represents the ripest judgment and experience of experts. Size, 5x8; pages, 300; illustrations, nearly 150; bound in cloth and gold; price, postpaid,......$1-50

Tobacco Leaf

By J. B. Killebrew and Herbert Myrick. Its Culture . and Cure, Marketing and Manufacture. A practical handbook on the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing, packing and selling tobacco, with an account of the operations in every department of tobacco manufacture. The contents of this book are based on actual experiments in field, curing barn, packing house, factory and laboratory. It is the only work of the kind in existence, and is destined to be the standard practical and scientific authority on the whole subject of tobacco for many years. 506 pages and 150 original engravings. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . . . . $2.00

The Nut Culturist

By Andrew S. Fuller. A treatise on the propagation, planting and cultivation of nut-bearing trees and shrubs adapted to the climate of the United States, with the scientific and comman names of the fruits known in commerce as edible or otherwise useful nuts. Intended to aid the farmer to increase his income without adding to his expenses or labor. Cloth, 12mo.....$1.50

Cranberry Culture

By Joseph J. White. Contents: Natural history, history of cultivation, choice of location, preparing the ground, planting the vines, management of meadows, flooding, enemies and difficulties overcome, picking, keeping, profit and loss. Illustrated. 132 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . . $1.00

Ornamental Gardening For Americans

By Elias A. Long, landscape architect. A treatise on beautifying homes, rural districts and cemeteries. A plain and practical work with numerous illustrations and instructions so plain that they may be readily followed. Illustrated. 390 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth...$1.50

Grape Culturist

By A. S. Fuller. This is one of the very best of works on the culture of the hardy grapes, with full directions for all departments of propagation, culture, etc., with 150 excellent engravings, illustrating planting, training, grafting, etc. 282 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth...$1.50

Gardening For Young And Old

By Joseph Harris. A work intended to interest farmers' boys in farm gardening, which means a better and more profitable form of agriculture. The teachings are given in the familiar manner so well known in the author's "Walks and Talks on the Farm." Illustrated. 191 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. ......$1.00

Money In The Garden

By P. T. Quinn. The author gives in a plain, practical style instructions on three distinct, although closely connected, branches of gardening - the kitchen garden, market garden and field culture, from successful practical experience tor a term of years. Illustrated. 268 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. $1.00


By F. D. Coburn*. Its growth, uses, and feeding value. The fact that alfalfa thrives in almost any soil; that without reseeding, it goes on yielding two, three, four, and sometimes five cuttings annually for five, ten, or perhaps 100 years; and that either green or cured it is one of the most nutritious forage plants known, makes reliable information upon its production and uses of unusual interest. Such information is given in this volume for every part of America, by the highest authority. Illustrated. 164 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. $0.50

Ginseng, Its Cultivation, Harvesting, Marketing and Market Value

By Maurice G. Kains, with a short account of its history and botany. It discusses in a practical way how to begin with either seed or roots, soil, climate and location, preparation, planting and maintenance of the beds, artificial propagation, manures, enemies, selection for market and for improvement, preparation for sale, and the profits that may be expected. This booklet is concisely written, well and profusely illustrated, and should be in the hands of all who expect to grow this drug to supply the export trade, and to add a new and profitable industry to their farms and gardens, without interfering with the regular work. New edition. Revised and enlarged. Illustrated. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . . $0.50