The New Onion Culture

By T. Greiner. Rewritten, greatly enlarged and brought up to date. A new method of growing onions of largest size and yield, on less land, than can be raised by the old plan. Thousands of farmers and gardeners and many experiment stations have given it practical trials which have proved a success. A complete guide in growing onions with the greatest profit, explaining the whys and wherefores. Illustrated. 5x7 inches. 140 pages. Cloth. ... $0.50

The New Rhubarb Culture

A complete guide to dark forcing and field culture. Part I - By J. E. Morse, the well-known Michigan trucker and originator of the now famous and extremely profitable new methods of dark forcing and field culture. Part II - Compiled by G. B. Fiske. Other methods practiced by the most experienced market gardeners, greenhouse men and experimenters in all parts of America. Illustrated. 130 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth...... $0.50

Successful Fruit Culture

By Samuel T. Maynard. A practical guide to the cultivation and propagation of Fruits, written from the standpoint of the practical fruit grower who is striving to make his business profitable by growing the best fruit possible and at the least cost. It is up-to-date in every particular, and covers the entire practice of fruit culture, harvesting, storing, marketing, forcing, best varieties, etc., etc. It deals with principles first and with the practice afterwards, as the foundation, principles of plant growth and nourishment must always remain the same, while practice will vary according to the fruit grower's immediate conditions and environments. Illustrated. 265 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth...$1.00

Plums And Plum Culture

By F. A. Waugh. A complete manual for fruit growers. nurserymen, farmers and gardeners, on all known varieties of plums and their successful management. This book marks an epoch in the horticultural literature of America. It is a complete monograph of the plums cultivated in and indigenous to North America. It will be found indispensable to the scientist seeking the most recent and authoritative information concerning this group, to the nurseryman who wishes to handle his varieties accurately and intellingently, and to the cultivator who would like to grow plums successfully. Illustrated. 391 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . , . $1.50

Fruit Harvesting, Storing, Marketing

By F. A. Waugh. A practical guide to the picking, storing, shipping and marketing of fruit. The principal subjects covered are the fruit market, fruit picking, sorting and packing, the fruit storage, evaporating, canning, statistics of the fruit trade, fruit package laws, commission dealers and dealing; cold storage, etc., etc. No progressive fruit grower can afford to be without this most valuable book. Illustrated. 232 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth.....$1.00

Systematic Pomology

By F. A. Waugh, professor of horticulture and landscape gardening in the Massachusetts agricultural college, formerly of the university of Vermont. This is the first book in the English language which has ever made the attempt at a complete and comprehensive treatment of systematic pomology. It presents clearly and in detail the whole method by which fruits are studied. The book is suitably illustrated. 288 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth.....$1.00

Coburn's Swine Husbandry

By F. D. Coburn. New, revised and enlarged edition. The breeding, rearing and management of swine, and the prevention and treatment of their diseases. It is the fullest and freshest compendium relating to swine breeding yet offered. Illustrated. 312 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. $1.50

Home Pork Making

The art of raising and curing pork on the farm. By A. W. Fulton. A complete guide for the farmer, the country butcher and the suburban dweller, in all that pertains to hog slaughtering, curing, preserving and storing pork product - from scalding vat to kitchen table and dining room. Illustrated. 125 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . . . $0.50

Harris On The Pig

By Joseph Harris. New edition. Revised and enlarged by the author. The points of the various English and American breeds are thoroughly discussed, and the great advantage of using thoroughbred males clearly shown. The work is equally valuable to the farmer who keeps but a few pigs, and to the breeder on an extensive scale. Illustrated. 318 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth.....$1.00

The Dairyman's Manual

By Henry Stewart, author of the "Shepherd's Manual," "Irrigation," etc. A useful and practical work, by a writer who is Well known as thoroughly familiar with the subject of which he writes. Illustrated. 475 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth...... $1.50

Feeds And Feeding

By W. A. Henry. This handbook for students and stockmen constitutes a compendium of practical and useful knowledge on plant growth and animal nutrition, feeding stuffs, feeding animals and every detail pertaining to this important subject. It is thorough, accurate and reliable, and is the most valuable contribution to live stock literature in many years. All the latest and best information is clearly and systematically presented, making the work indispensable to every owner of live stock. 658 pages. 6x9 inches. Cloth. . . $2.00

Bulbs And Tuberous-Rooted Plants

By C L. Allen. A complete treatise on the history, description, methods of propagation and full directions for the successful culture of bulbs in the garden, dwelling and greenhouse. The author of this book has for many years made bulb growing a specialty, and is a recognized authority on their cultivation and management. The cultural directions are plainly stated, practical and to the point. The illustrations which embellish this work have been drawn from nature and have been engraved especially for this book. 312 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. . • . $1.50

Fumigation Methods

By Willis G. Johnson. A timely up-to-date book on the practical application of the new methods for destroying insects with hydrocyanic acid gas and carbon bisulphid, the most powerful insecticides ever discovered. It is an indispensable book for farmers, fruit growers, nurserymen, gardeners, florists, millers, grain dealers, transportation companies, college and experiment station workers, etc. Illustrated. 313 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth. ...$1.00

Prize Gardening

Compiled by G. Burnap Fiske. This unique book shows how to derive profit, pleasure and health from the garden, by giving the actual experiences of the successful prize winners in the American Agriculturist garden contest. Every line is from actual experience based on real work. The result is a mine and treasure house of garden practice, comprising the grand prize gardener's methods, gardening for profit, farm gardens, the home acre, town and city gardens, experimental gardening, methods under glass, success with specialties, prize flowers and fruits, gardening by women, boys and girls, irrigation secrets, etc., etc. Illustrated from original photos. 320 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth....$1.00

Spraying Crops - Why, When And How

By Clarence M. Weed, D. Sc. The present fourth edition has been rewritten and reset throughout to bring it thoroughly up to date, so that it embodies the latest practical information gleaned by fruit growers and experiment station workers. So much new information has come to light since the third edition was published that this is practically a new book, needed by those who have utilized the earlier editions, as well as by fruit growers and farmers generally. Illustrated. 136 pages. 5x7 inches. Cloth.... $0.50

Farmer's Cyclopedia Of Agriculture

A Compendium of Agricultural Science and Practice on Farm, Orchard and Garden Crops, and the Feeding and Diseases of Farm Animals : : : :


Associate Editors in the Office of Experiment Stations, Untied States Department of Agriculture

THIS is a new, practical, and complete presentation of the whole subject of agriculture in its broadest sense. It is designed for the use of agriculturists who desire up-to-date, reliable information on all matters pertaining to crops and stock, but more particularly for the actual farmer. The volume contains

Detailed directions for the culture of every important field, orchard, and garden crop grown in America, together with descriptions of their chief insect pests and fungous diseases, and remedies for their control. It contains an account of modern methods in feeding and handling all farm stock, including poultry. The diseases which affect different farm animals and poultry are described, and the most recent remedies suggested for controlling them.

Every bit of this vast mass of new and useful information is authoritative, practical, and easily found, and no effort has been spared to include all desirable details. There are between 6,000 and 7,000 topics covered in these references, and it contains 700 royal 8vo pages and nearly 500 superb half-tone and other original illustrations, making the most perfect Cyclopedia of Agriculture ever attempted.

Handsomely bound in cloth, $3,50; half morocco (Very sumptuous), $4,50, postpaid

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