A great variety of the dog tribe is to be met with throughout the continent of America, resembling in type the dingo of Australia, but appearing to be crossed with some of the different kinds introduced by Europeans. One of the most remarkable of the South-American dogs is the Alco, which has pendulous ears, with a short tail and hog-back, and is supposed to be descended from the native dog found by Columbus; bat, even allowing this to be the case, it is of course much intermixe l with foreign breeds. The North-American dogs are very closely allied to the dingo in all respects, but are generally smaller in size, and arc also much crossed with European breeds. In some districts they burrow in the ground, but the march of civilizition is yearly diminishing their numbers throughout the continent of America.

Other Wild Dogs

Many other varieties of the wild dog are described by travellers, but they all resemble one or other of the above kinds, and are of little interest to the general reader.

Other Wild Dogs 11