It is upon the great similarity between these wild dogs and the wolf or fox, that the supposition is founded of the general descent of the domesticated dog from either the one or the other. After examining the portrait of the dingo, it will at once be seen that it resembles the fox so closely in the shape of its body, that an ordinary observer could readily mistake it for one of that species, while the head is that of the wolf. The muzzle is long and pointed, the ears short and erect. Hight about 24 inches, length 30 inches. His coat is more like fur than hair, and is composed of a mixture of silky and woolly hair, the former being of a deep yellow, while the latter is grey. The tail is long and bushy, and resembles that of the fox, excepting in carriage, the dingo curling it over the hip, while the fox trails it along the ground.* While in his unreclaimed state this dog is savage and unmanageable, but is easily tamed, though even then he is not to be trusted, and when set at liberty will endeavor to escape. Many dingoes have been crossed with the terrier, and have been exhibited as hybrids between the dog and fox, which latter animal they closely resemble, with the single exception of the pendulous tail.


Fig. 2. - THE DINGO.

Whenever, therefore, a specimen is produced which is said to be this hybrid, every care must be taken to ascertain the real parentage without relying upon the looks alone.