Simple Ephemeral Fever, Or Cold. - Epidemic Fever, Or Influ-Enza. - Typhus Fever, Or Distemper. - Rheumatic Fever. - Small Pox. - Sympathetic Fever.

The dog is peculiarly liable to febrile attacks, which have always a tendency to put on a low form, very similar in its nature to that known as typhus in human diseases. This is so generally the case, that every dog is said to have the distemper at some time of Lis life, that name being given to this low form of fever. An attack may commence with a common cold, or any inflammatory affection of the lungs, bowels, etc.; and on assuming the low form, is followed by a genuine case of typhus fever or distemper. Nevertheless, it does not follow that the one must necessarily end in the other; the dog may have simple fever, known as "a cold," or various other complaints, without being subjected to the true distemper. The fevers occurring in the dog are: 1st, Simple ephemeral fever, commonly called "a cold;" 2d, Simple epidemic fever, or influenza; 3d, Typhus fever, known as Distemper; 4th, Rheumatic fever, attacking the muscular and fibrous systems; and, 5th, Small-pox.