Simple Ephemeral Fever, known as "a common cold," is ushered in by chilliness, with increased heat of surface, a quick pulse, and slightly hurried breathing. The appetite is not as good as usual; the eyes look dull; the bowels are costive; the urine is scanty and high-colored There are often cough ana slight run 309 ning at the nose and eyes, and sometimes other internal organs are attacked; or the disease goes on until a different form of fever is established, known as typhus. This often occurs when many docs are collected together, or when one or two are kept in a close ken ne, where there is neither proper ventilation nor cleanliness.


Exposure to wet or cold.


Complete rest; a gentle dose of opening medicine: (12) or (18) if the liver is torpid, (15) if acting. After this has acted, give slops, and if there is still much fever, one of the remedies (45) or (51). If there is much cough, give the draught (47) or the bolus (46).