The former of these affections, which may be known by a great scantiness of urine, and evident pain in the loins, is not very common in the dog, but it does occasionally occur. The only treatment likely to be of service, is the administration of carbonate of soda (5 grs), with 80 drops of sweet spirit of nitre, in a little water twice a day. The bladder, and the urethra leading from it for the passage of the urine, are often subject to a mucous inflammation characterized by pain and constant irritation in passing water, and by a gradual dropping of a yellowish discharge from the organ. This is generally the result of cold, and may be treated by giving full doses of nitre (10 grs.), with Epsom salts (half an ounce), in some water twice a week. If the discharge and pain are very severe, balsam of copaiba may be administered, the best form being the "capsules" now sold, of which two form a dose for an average-sized dog. If the discharge has spread to the exterior of the organ, the wash (20) will be of service.