The Dalmation dog is a handsome, well-formed dog, standing about 24 or 25 inches high, and resembling the pointer in his shape, but usually having his ears cropped, as shown in the engraving. He is beautifully spotted with black on a white ground, his chief merit consisting in the nearly uniform size of the spots (which should be from about an inch in diameter), and in their distinctness from the white in which they are imbedded; and being remarkably fond of horses, and of road-work with them, he has been long employed in England to accompany our carriages as an ornamental appendage; but this fashion has of late years subsided. Hence he is commonly known as the "Coach Dog;" but in his native country he is used as a pointer in the field, and is said to perform his duties well enough.



The small Danish dog is smaller than the Dalmatian; but, being spotted in the same way, and characterized by the same fondness for horses, they are generally confounded under the term "Coach Dog."